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Sorry, Emily Forney is not accepting queries at this time.

Hello there!

I am temporarily closing to queries for the month of December. I currently have quite the backlog of queries, and because I have been requesting more incredible content than I usually do, my reading process has slowed and I want to do right by those waiting on responses from me. I am aiming to pay close attention to all of the queries and submissions I currently have at this time, so please know if you previously queried, I'm still looking through yours and will make a mindful decision soon. Thank you so much to anyone who is considering me as their agent and I will reopen to queries on January 3rd!

If you are looking for a new agent, especially agents with similar tastes as me, please check out BookEnds' newest agents, Jenissa and Ramona.

If you and I have spoken previously about submitting to me through a pitch contest or other form of communication, please reach out to me!

See you soon,

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