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Thank you for querying me! Please make sure you have selected an accurate genre for your book. I am accepting queries for YA adult or crossover books with speculative elements. All other projects submitted under an inaccurate category will be rejected.

I am currently open to:
Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy
Adult Speculative (I am looking for Women's Fiction, Horror, Suspense with speculative elements in this category.)
YA Fantasy/Crossover Fantasy
Romantasy is welcome in all of these fantasy categories.

**I am currently closed to all other genres at this time.

Please note: I endeavor to be as accessible as possible to all people. If you have any barriers to completing this form, please don't hesitate to note that so I can reach out if I require further information from you.

In the QUERY LETTER section, please paste a complete query for the book. This can include an intro paragraph (which might tell me about your intentions writing it, or about what other works inspired you, or the general themes in the book), a couple pitch paragraphs (which will tell me what happens in the book, often called the blurb, or back cover copy, and is focused on plot rather than themes), a bio paragraph (which will tell me about you and any credentials/writing experience you have), and a signature.

In the SYNOPSIS section, please paste a full synopsis of the book, including spoilers. Show me the full shape of your story. A synopsis is generally no more than 2 pages, double spaced, but I am not picky. I like to recommend this guide for how to write a synopsis: https://publishingcrawl.com/p/how-to-write-a-1-page-synopsis

In the TARGET AUDIENCE section, please feel free to go into detail about what fans of which other books will like yours, and why. Using comp titles is very helpful. Statements like "Readers who love the fast-paced action of the PERCY JACKSON series with adult-level worldbuilding and complexity" or "readers looking for queer representation and relationships will be satisfied by my characters who are just bursting with heart..." really help me see how you view your story and what you hope it accomplishes.

I will never reject a manuscript for a typo or a misplaced comma or other technicalities (like the dreaded "I addressed this to the wrong agent name") - I want to know you and your book, so please don't worry if you look back and see a mistake. I will ignore it and look to the heart of your query as I consider.


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