Query Cathie Hedrick-Armstrong at The Purcell Agency

Sorry, Cathie Hedrick-Armstrong is not accepting queries at this time.

Thank you for querying me at The Purcell Agency. Unfortunately, I am closed to queries at this time and am unable to consider your manuscript. At the present time, I have roughly 20 combined queries and submissions remaining in my queue and, once those are cleared out, I plan to reopen for submissions.

Please note that I ALWAYS respond to every query, so if you have not received a response, you are likely one of the 20-odd remaining queries/submissions still in my queue. If you'd like to check in and make sure, please don't hesitate to use your original submission to message me.

Please keep an eye on Twitter (@C_H_Armstrong) as my current goal is to open for submissions sometime mid-to-late May, and I will announce in advance on Twitter. I look forward to your query when I reopen for submissions.

Best Wishes,

Cathie Hedrick-Armstrong, Literary Agent
The Purcell Agency, LLC

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