Dawn Dowdle, Blue Ridge Literary Agency


Cozy Mysteries (only Female Protagonists told in one point of view)
Amish Romance
Historical Mysteries
Romantic Comedy
Inspirational Romance (most subgenres)
Romantic Suspense
Middle Grade Mysteries
True Crime
Children's Picture Books

Make sure your manuscript is DOUBLE SPACED!
MIN. 65K Word Count (50K minimum for category romance) for adult fiction
MAX 100K Word Count for adult fiction


At this time I am NOT accepting any queries containing ANY fantasy or scifi elements and NO YA. No paranormal romance. I am also not accepting queries of women's fiction or a love story that isn't written to follow the romance guidelines. No omniscient narrator manuscripts either.

Do NOT query works that are currently or have previously been published.

Always query the first book in a series.

Please make sure to attach THREE chapters in one Word doc to have your query considered. Your synopsis should tell the story from beginning to end (including the ending), with all the main points of the story included.

Once I receive your query, I will respond within three months. Looking forward to reading your partial.

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