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Thanks for including me on your agent search. Take a moment to fill in the requested information, and then submit your query. I represent adult, young adult and middle grade in these core categories: science fiction, romance, fantasy, history and graphic novels. I'm selectively considering women's fiction and thrillers. All subgenres in my listed categories are encouraged.

Inclusive stories provide an incredible sense of joy. I'd like to read more multicultural works. Writers who identify with a marginalized community are strongly encouraged to query.

** Examples of what catches my eye: **

Science Fiction with high stakes (TV series "Altered Carbon"), fresh twists on technology, fleshed out characters, and emotion on the page. Tone can be dark or light, but I prefer hopeful outcomes. I love first encounter stories, alien societies, galactic diversity, and humans exploring the universe.

Historical and alternate history that reimagines classic tropes (TV series "The Frankenstein Chronicles"). History taken from a new perspective or experienced in a new way. Note: "Nazi's were awesome" or "slave owners were great" narratives are crap and will be automatically rejected.

Middle Grade with deep emotion, real stakes, and endearing characters (animated film "The Breadwinner"). A touch of magical realism in a contemporary setting is fine. Exploring subgenres is encouraged.

Romance with emotional depth, real character growth, true stakes for the couple, realistic issues, engaging dialogue, self-realization for hero and villain. Love stories with older protagonists is fine.

Fantasy that redefines a subgenre. Intriguing cultures, gripping adventures, life or death moments on the page. Knock me over with emotion. Give me characters who are more than the prophecy-of-the-month. Horror that terrifies because it's not impossible to imagine.

I don't represent faith-based/religious manuscripts. I also don't represent short story collections, screenplays, poetry, picture books, chapter books, erotica, novellas, or non-fiction. I will not consider previously published or self-published books.

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