Send a Query to Thao Le of Sandra Dijkstra & Associates

Sorry, Thao Le is not accepting queries at this time.

Thank you for your interest in querying me! I am currently closed to general unsolicited submissions with an exception for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) creators and special referrals.

If you are a BIPOC creator, please query me using this form: If you are a referral, please ask the person who is referring you to email me.

Everyone else, thank you for your patience and cooperation! I may continue to occasionally participate in (virtual) conferences and contests such as #DVPit during this time. If I wish to request material from you, I'll share with you a unique link in order to submit.

You can find my current MSWLS here:

Update 9/13/2021:
I've now caught up to all queries sent as of today's date and until I return from my maternity leave will be focused on the fulls I've requested. While my BIPOC submission form will remain open, I will not review any new queries until January 2022.

Update 7/20/2021:
Now reading queries sent in May 2021.

Update 5/26/2021:
I've been super slow this year and I wanted to explain why... I'm excited to share the news that my family will be welcoming a new lil member come late Sept/early Oct! Which means I'll be on maternity leave starting end of Sept up until the new year (2022).

I'll keep my BIPOC querymanager link open, but pls know I likely won't be able to check submissions until I come back from my leave. When I return I'll review chronologically. Thank you always for thinking of me for your precious stories and I appreciate your support and patience.

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