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Is your project ready for submission? Is it polished or am I going to find typos on the first page? Don’t blow your chance – proofread it again. Have you followed proper manuscript format? Double-check your format here: Your submission should not be formatted like a self-published book - publishers don't want the title page or dedication page, and they create their own covers.

Self-published authors – major publishers will not buy a previously published novel or series – please don’t submit it. Your best bet is to write a new series. I’d be happy to look at new writing from an experienced self-published author.

Fiction: Is your project in a genre I represent or at least in the zip code? I don’t represent SF/F/horror or romance, even though I like reading them. Your mystery on a spaceship will still be sold as SF - not my genre. A band of cat burglars who are actually cat-people would be fun, but it is fantasy - not my genre. I’m okay with romantic elements in a non-romance story. I like situational humor, but I'm not interested in satire. I do not have the expertise to represent legal/court narratives or military stories. Cozies will be a tough sell to me unless the “community” is something extremely different. No talking or communicative animals. Projects written in first-person is a tough sell for me. I lean more toward 3rd-person close.

Word Count: Be sure the word count of your MS is within the standards for the genre you are writing. For the genres I represent, under 60k is too short and over 105k words is too much.

Synopsis: Don’t stress over the format, but make sure you include the conclusion – yes, I need to know how the story ends. Do not expect an agent to read your book just to find out how it ends. Other key elements: the inciting incident, obstacles to the main character’s goals, the black moment, and the climax. If you are not familiar with these terms - Google them.

Non-fiction: no arm-chair quarterbacking. If your project is about winning the World Beard and Moustache Championship, you better be a competitor or a barber…or better yet, be both.

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