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I am trying something new in 2024. I will open my QueryManager for the first week every month for projects that are:
- rom-coms and romance: I love funny and sarcastic, small-town and big city, rural and international, all tropes, but your manuscript needs to feel contemporary and fresh with a unique hook that differentiates itself from other books. Looking for a rom-com or romance on fitness/ wellness/ the outdoors and/or sustainability, gardening or foraging, or involving international college kids or college professors/ academia. I like rom-coms with a deeper angle that touch on current social and societal themes. Historical romance needs to have a different hook and a theme /motive that shows a different aspect of the chosen time period that really hasn't been explored before.
- women's fiction: looking for upmarket and commercial; complex characters that show a whole range of growth and emotions, multi-generational female sagas, war, immigration, motherhood, grandparents and sibling dynamics, single parenting or parenting in general, college life, academia, nature & sustainability, mental health & diversity, poetic & literary references, with strong female leads. I like to read about plot lines where seemingly insignificant details lead to major changes or challenges and really question the way we think about life and society. I like complex female friendships and would like to see more books about those. I want to see more mature heroines who reinvent themselves by exploring what second careers, marriages, and busy lives with children look like.

Generally, I am always looking for diverse voices and representations and I love projects that show different cultures and ways of living.

I am open to a more historical fiction and mystery & thriller angle within women's fiction as well but WILL NOT accept horror, YA/ kidlit, literary fiction or nonfiction.

Current favorite books:

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