Queries to Lissa Woodson, Assistant Agent at The Seymour Agency

Sorry, Lissa Woodson is not accepting queries at this time.

Please be aware that I only accept submissions on the FIRST DAY OF EVERY MONTH and close them on day two. This gives me ample time to process the submissions that land on my plate. This also means, I am able to give feedback on rejections and not leave you hanging and wondering why. I will also give feedback and actionable steps on "maybes", as well as steps forward for "possibles".

Please note, I will check your social media platforms. If you have previously published other books, I will take a look at your website and Amazon profile. Equally, please be sure to:
follow directions on querying
that the work has not been previously published (I only take new projects);
be as tight/clear as possible with your synopsis and/or blurbs;
have a proper cover page for the attachment;
make sure that your manuscript is in a traditional formatting style;
and make sure that I represent the genre that you're submitting in;
PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY MANUSCRIPT THAT USED CHATGPT OR AI IN ITS CREATION. Software is now in place where publishers and agents alike can put the work in and find out. The publishers have a clause in the contracts regarding this.

Also, follow me on IG, FB, TikTok, and Threads as there will be dates that I open for queries (after the first) and will put the notices there. Here's a link to stay connect: https://sociatap.com/naleighnakai/

Thank you for your interest, and I hope that we will be working together at some point in your literary career.

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