Paul Stevens - Donald Maass Literary Agency

Sorry, Paul Stevens is not accepting queries at this time.

Thank you for thinking of me, but I am currently closed to queries.

Q: Why are you closing?

A: I have a backlog of queries. In addition to this I have a very large backlog of 50-page partials and full manuscripts that I've requested, and I need to respond to those authors.

Q: When will you reopen?

A: I don't plan to reopen until I've caught up on all submissions and am in a position to consider and respond to submissions more quickly.

Q: I already submitted a query / 50-page partial / full manuscript? Will they be reviewed? Do I need to resubmit?

A: No need to resubmit. If you're in the queue already, I will look at your material.

Q: You haven't reviewed my query yet, and I'd like to update it. (See next question for 50-page partials and full manuscripts.)

A: As far as I've been able to figure, Query Manager doesn't allow you to update an initial query without having to withdraw and resubmit, losing your place in the queue. The best thing to do is send me a message through Query Manager with a note that you have an updated query. When I get to your query I'll ask you to send me the updated info.

Q: You haven't reviewed my 50-page partial / full manuscript yet, and I'd like to update it.

A: You should be able to upload a new file on your query manager status page. When I see that you've uploaded more than one file, I'll look at the most recent version.

Q: I'd like to withdraw my query, 50-page partial, or full manuscript.

A: You can withdraw for any reason via your query manager status page.

Q: Can I query other agents while I wait to hear from you?

A: Absolutely. The industry standard is that queries / submissions to agents are nonexclusive. We expect that you're submitting broadly. If you get an offer of representation, there's a button on your Query Manager page to let me know.

Q: Wait, didn't you close earlier in 2019?

A: Yes. While I was able to catch up on initial queries at that time, I wasn't able to get to the many partials and full manuscripts in my queue.

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