Query Cathie Hedrick-Armstrong

Sorry, Cathie Hedrick-Armstrong is not accepting queries at this time.

Thank you for thinking of me with your manuscript. Unfortunately, I am currently closed to submissions while I finish working through my queue, but I plan to reopen by June 3.

NOTICE: I am leaving The Purcell Agency on May 17th and will be moving to Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. If you have queried me prior to May 17, I will be responding to ALL QUERIES AND FULLS by May 20th, so if you have an outstanding query or full with me and have not heard by May 20th, please reach out and let me know!

While you wait for me to reopen, please take the time to double-check your manuscript so it's in the best condition possible! For an editing document outlining some of the biggest issues I come across in my submission pile, please feel free to take a look at "Cathie's Editing Document for Querying Authors" while you wait.

Thanks, and I look forward to your query when I reopen for submissions.

Best Wishes,

Cathie Hedrick-Armstrong, Literary Agent

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