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As of November, 2023, I'll be open to queries for the first week of every month. If we've been in touch previously, don't hesitate to reach out through email; if you need to follow up with me or you'd like to contact me about another matter, please use the form here:


WHO I AM: I've been with Aevitas Creative Management since 2018, representing adult fiction and select nonfiction projects. Based in Boston, I hold a degree in English from Yale University, attended the Clarion Writers Workshop, and earned my MFA in fiction from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I served as an editor for The Greensboro Review. Prior to becoming an agent, I worked in the world of independent and university presses, as a bookseller, and as a teacher to students ages 10 through 85. As a queer white woman, I'm committed to working collaboratively with queer, BIPOC, and disabled writers, as well as writers from other communities typically underrepresented in mainstream publishing, in order to make all our voices heard.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: I'm seeking imaginative, genre-bending literary fiction; beautifully told queer stories; and smart, feminist vacation reads. I love retellings of classic stories, epistolary novels, and well-earned happy endings. I don't typically work on true science fiction and fantasy, although I'm drawn to stories that blend the realist and speculative in the traditions of magical realism, fabulism, or otherwise. I'm particularly attracted to structural innovation, language that makes the reader pause over its peculiar specificity, and books that make our world a weirder, kinder, and/or more joyful place.

In nonfiction, I'm looking for graphic projects with a literary sensibility, self-aware creative nonfiction, and projects with a quirky, joyful, or humorous bent. Across genres, I'm always interested in food, literary culture, gender, sustainability and climate crisis, social justice, schools and education, and projects that engage our current cultural moment, whether directly or slantwise.

Some of my favorite fiction writers include Lesley Nneka Arimah, Sarah Waters, Clare Beams, Jasmine Guillory, Curtis Sittenfeld, Lindsay Drager, and Kelly Link.

I rarely read or work on thrillers; SFF; true crime; memoirs without a researched, reported, or critical element; or book projects focused on experiences with substance use.


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