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Hello! Thank you for considering me on your path to finding an agent. I'm eager to consider your work. Please read my below message before submitting.

First, please review the BookEnds submissions page to ensure I am the right agent for your work: http://bookendsliterary.com/submissions/. My wishlist has changed in 2021, so if you’ve read an interview or listing about my wishlist not from my or the BookEnds website, please confirm we’re still a match.

As my picture book list is quite full, I am currently CLOSED to picture book fiction & non-fiction projects. I plan to open again later this year. However, if I requested your picture book through (SCBWI or 12x12), please use CONFERENCE REQUEST- Picture Book as your genre.

I AM seeking: illustrators (especially those with aspirations to write) and adult fiction in the following genres: mystery/crime, domestic suspense, horror/speculative. I am NOT seeking: Middle Grade, YA, Sci-Fi or Fantasy for any age, or Romance.

If you determine we're a good fit, please note that I reply to all queries and make an attempt to do so within 4 weeks of receipt. For requested proposals and completes, my response is usually within 10-12 weeks.

I look forward to reviewing your work.

-James McGowan

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