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Sorry, Rach Crawford is not accepting queries at this time.

Thanks for your interest in querying. I am currently closed to queries, and will reopen on September 6.

I understand this process can feel very opaque. Here is some information that I hope will make it easier to query me succesfully once I re-open:

This is 100% the best place to reach me with your work! If you've found my email online and are deciding between this form and an email, please use this form.

Please include your query letter (including bio) and the first twenty pages of your manuscript (for fiction) or your proposal (for nonfiction).

Although this form allows for additional info, I pay most attention to your query letter, so I'd encourage you to include the full letter--including bio--exactly as you would when querying via email. I'm more likely to be grabbed by personalized letters - feel free to let me know why you think we're a match!

I understand the limitations of this format, and am very forgiving of wonky formatting that might arise when copying work over. Likewise typos, mistakes in my name, etc -- we're all human, and mistakes of this nature won't get in the way of your chances.

Because I do personally read and respond to all of my queries, I ask that you please not requery me with work I have already passed on unless it has been significantly revised and/or I have previously invited you to do so. (In which case please do note this in your letter).

Please note I do not accept queries for books for children (including YA). I'm sorry that these queries will not be read or responded to.

When you have sent your query you will receive an autoresponse via querymanager that includes some info about my response times.

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