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Thank you so much for considering me for your representation!

I am currently looking to build a diverse list of authors and illustrators and represent Adult fiction, YA, MG, and chapter books. I'm looking for strong voices, humor, culture, and joy––dynamic work that draws me in, evokes emotion, and allows me to explore the arcs of the characters with them throughout the story. Please ONLY upload artwork if you are an illustrator.

-MG Fantasy and adventure, crushes, romcom
-YA/MG voicey coming of age, embracing identity and/or traditions of culture, Black joy, girls in STEM, romance, romcom, mystery, humorous contemporary fiction
-ADULT romance, romcom, romantic suspense, mystery, cozy mystery, family saga, women's fiction, thriller

Send in a query once you have a complete book proposal, a detailed outline, and sample chapters. In your query letter, make sure you tell me why you’re the best person to write this book.
-NF picture books only
-Illustrated table/survey books
-YA/MG historical, narrative
-Adult memoir, narrative, empowerment, self-help, pop culture, humor, engaging how-to

Please only upload artwork in the upload section if you are an illustrator seeking representation––this is NOT a space for full manuscripts or other artwork. For illustrators, please use the query letter space to tell me about yourself––tell me about the work that you'd like to do with representation? For instance, are you primarily focused on picture books, or are you open to chapter books, MG, YA, GN? Covers? Do you also write picture books, or is art the primary focus? Thanks so much!!

I will respond to every submission I receive. Please feel free to nudge me to check on the status of your query if I've had your query for 12 weeks or more.

Please know that I take your privacy seriously, and I will not post queries publicly without permission. Thank you for querying me!! -taj

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