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Thanks so much for querying me! As a reminder, here are some of the genres I'm most actively looking for.

In YA, everything from high fantasy to horror, contemporary to historical, and rom-com to magic realism, as long as it has a strong voice and memorable characters whose humanity shines through. Some particular wishlist items include:

—Jewish YA fantasy, from contemporary with “incidentally” Jewish characters to second-world fantasy with Judaism built into its bones
—Queer YA genre fiction of any kind, even horror (as long as it's not too grisly; think Hill House, not Halloween) especially from QBIPOC
—YA Magic Realism in its traditional meaning as a movement of Latin American fiction
—Paranormal YA fantasy (can we just call it that again?) Vampires and vampiric beasties, especially queer, especially non-western versions—give me the manananggal! The pontianak! The estrie! But really, any creature that lives a little outside the mainstream and in shadows
—Contemp YA with a fresh perspective, gorgeous prose, and a strong hook

In Adult, I'm looking for romance and romcom, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery/thrillers; particularly queer and intersectional in all categories. A few wishlist items:

—Romance across categories/romcoms, particularly queer and/or BIPOC. Anthing comped to Alyssa Cole, Olivia Waite, Cat Sebastian, Georgia Beers, Beverly Jenkins, Rebekah Weatherspoon, Talia Hibbert, Alexandria Bellefleur, Rosie Danan, and Roselle Lim
—I’d *love* more adult romance and romcoms with non-binary MC’s and love interests
—Mystery, in certain subgenres! As in YA, I'm absolutley looking for queer mysteries. Some dislikes: No young children in harm’s way/being secretly evil. No cop MC’s or love interests.
—What's called “Women’s Fiction” but really, any marginalized gender MC with a personal journey as an A plot and romance as a B plot (if it's there at all) akin to SUCH A FUN AGE, BIG SUMMER, LUSTER, HOLLY BANKS FULL OF ANGST

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