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What Agents are Saying about QueryManager

Who else is using QueryManager?

What it Does

QueryManager offers an easy-to-use custom form where authors will input their queries to you.

The query data is input directly into a database, which means you can sort, filter, manage, and reply to your queries faster and easier.

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What it Doesn't Do

QueryManager believes that nothing should come between you and your queries. After all, only you really know what you want and how you want it.

That's why QM doesn't offer to screen your queries or attempt to match you with authors like other services have tried in the past. With QueryManager, it's "Your Queries, Your Way."

Why is it Free?

QueryManager is offered by the makers of QueryTracker, and it is QueryTracker's goal to provide the most accurate and current information about agents, publishers, and queries available anywhere. QueryManager helps us do that.

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From the Makers of QueryTracker

QueryTracker has modernized the query process for authors.

Now, that same innovation is available to agents and publishers to help them organize and reply to the queries they receive.

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