ALL queries will get a response that are submitted to this box.

Sorry, Ann Rose is not accepting queries at this time.

I'm sorry to say that I'm still closed to queries at this time. If you have received a like on a resent Pitch Party or we've met at a conference please DM me on Twitter for a special link on how to submit to me. (Please include the liked pitch in your message or a link to it.)

My hopes to get caught up over the holidays didn't happen and my wonderful clients have been keeping me very busy with all their new work. I do want to give everything currently in my inbox a response before I reopen, and I'm not sure how long that will take since I do review every query myself to make a determination. I know this is frustrating and I really do appreciate your patience.

Being closed here does NOT mean you should send an unsolicited query through email to me. All email queries that are not referrals will be deleted unread. I'm sorry but I have to keep it fair for everyone.

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