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I represent adult fiction and very select young adult and middle grade in these core categories: romance, science fiction, fantasy. I encourage all subgenres in my listed categories. Writers who identify with a marginalized community are strongly encouraged to query.

** What catches my attention: **

High stakes, solid conflicts, mounting tension, endearing characters, engaging dialogue, and emotional depth. Tone can be dark or light, but I prefer hopeful outcomes. Stories taken from a new perspective or experienced in a fresh way. Intriguing cultures, gripping adventures, life or death moments on the page. Knock me over with emotion. Give me characters who are more than the prophecy-of-the-month. Horror that terrifies because it's not impossible to imagine.

Updated January 2021:

* I’d like to see more non-contemporary romance. Specifically, I’m interested in fresh takes in paranormal romance and urban fantasy romance.
* Bad ass single Dads (thank you, The Mandalorian). Does not have to be part of a romance, but the badassery and “I’ll kill you and your ghost if you hurt my kid” vibe must be strong.
* I will never get bored with enemies-to-lovers or forced proximity romance tropes. Conflict must be high stakes. I want the tension between the couple to be off the charts.
* LGBTQ+ and BIPOC protagonists as lead characters in all my fave genres.
* More space operas, more non-Milky Way planet colonies, more alien species POV in stories. I don’t want medieval Europe in space!
* Protagonists who struggle (and fail) on their way to being the hero (gender neutral as used here).
* Any horror that makes me yell, “Holy sheets!” because I did NOT see the twists coming.
* Give me the Winter Soldier or John Wick-type character on their journey of revenge and redemption. They do bad things to people who’ve hurt them or others.

Faith-based/religious manuscripts, short story collections, screenplays, poetry, picture books, chapter books, erotica, novellas, or non-fiction. I will not consider previously published or self-published books.

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