Sorry, Thao Le is not accepting queries at this time.

Thank you for your email. My inbox is currently closed to unsolicited queries for the time being, with the exception of requests I make during conferences and contests.

If you sent me a query before 12am PST on Oct 7, 2017 I will consider your query in the normal chronological manner. Any unsolicited queries sent after, during my closed period, will be deleted and not read. Please wait until I announce that my inbox has reopened to send any new queries. I will update my #QueryStatus on my twitter account and on tumblr so you know of my progress.

Per our agency policy, while I cannot respond to every unsolicited query, I will be in touch if I wish to see more material. If I make a request from a conference or contest, I will give specific instructions on how to send. If I make a partial or full request, I will respond after I’ve read.

Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation.

Twitter: @thaole8

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